Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fyrstekake ~ Norwegian Almond Coffee Cake (Royalty Cake)

This has to be my ultimate coffee that I grew-up having all the time at my grandparents' house. Looking at it you wouldn't normally categorize it as a "coffee cake", however let me assure you that this is perfectly paired with a hot cup of coffee.

It's packed full of almond goodness...and sweet sugar. But with two contrasting layers of delight, to me it is the ultimate coffee cake. You have this wonderful buttery bottom cookie-type layer topped with a sweet & chewy almond layer on top. Heaven!
This is really so simple that you'll be wondering why you haven't come across this recipe before. So let's get baking! ...
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  1. oh man. it looks delish. also. i have no idea how to pronounce fyrstekake.