Saturday, July 8, 2017

Catching Up...Yeah, It's Been A While

It has been a LONG time since I posted anything here.  What can I say except that life took over and time seems to fly by at record speed.

A lot has happened since my last posting...

My son was born in March 2014. (uh huh, it's been that long)

He is now a 3 year old destructive goofball.

I now have not one Middle Schooler...

 but TWO in the house.

We gained and had to let go of a pretty adorable, fun spirited, precious doggie.

(Rehoming her to some family of a close friend of ours was the best thing we could have done for Storm. She now has the land to run on, play pals who can't keep up with her energy, and is a hiking buddy as a furry baby to another family)

Essential oils are still a part of our lives...LOVE them and won't do life without them.  And there are still tons of discussions with people about how they can be used to help them daily. The business side of the oils has been put to the side at this point though.

I have branched into a new career as an agent with Appreciation Financial helping people save and make money while also protecting their families. (Love love love my new job!) Never would I have thought that I would love working in life insurance and annuities so much. While I work with the general public, most of my time is spent with teachers and school district staff in our community, which I feel do not get the attention that they should. The teachers in our community deserve to have good retirement plans in place, and helping them get to where they want to/need to be for their future is so incredibly rewarding.

The long blonde hair is still here...although what you see below may someday make me pull it all out or go completely platinum from all the gray.

Life is busy, kids are growing and just to keep it real...this nightmare of sock separation & pairing NEVER ends.

Our quick jaunts up to Lake Tahoe even taunt me with their shop full of socks every time we walk through the shopping center at Heavenly.

This week starts the festivals that our family really enjoy here in Reno...starting with the 2nd annual Chalk Art Festival at the Atlantis Casino.

Those artists last year really were amazing (checkout the photos in the link above)...but I personally loved just watching my girls get down and add their own creations to the asphalt last year.

Confession Time:  Unfortunately I have fallen into the habit of using the same recipes or quick-fixes over and over again...which needs to change pronto! You know it's bad when the kids are like, "It's Tuesday so that means we're having spaghetti again." *sigh*

So my mission is to find, or rediscover, some recipes that I haven't served up to my family to shake things up a bit.  The ones that win them over will definitely be shared.  But tonight, tonight it's Sam's Club Kansas City Style Baby Back Ribs!