Faith Walk

    My "Faith Walk" Moments

First of all, let me say that I am in no way attempting to be a biblical scholar or theologian...just sharing what I come across in the scriptures of the Bible and how they impact me or cause me to reflect that day. There is so much that life throws our way, especially once we embark on the adventure of marriage and little kiddles come into the picture. So when I'm blindsided or just completely worn-out, I find that the Bible holds nugget upon nugget of inspiration and a ridiculous amount of "duh, why didn't I think of that?" words of wisdom.

While I believe that: 1) Jesus is the Savior of the world & my personal Savior; 2) that we all need Jesus; 3) that Jesus is a reflection of God's love for mankind; 4) that the Bible is the instruction manual for living a full life, these postings are in no way an attempt to push my beliefs upon anyone. And regardless of what someone else may believe, I believe that there is something that can be gleaned from The Bible for everyone. There is so much that can be taken from the Bible to inspire and speak to life's situations that pop-up daily. There will be moments when I simply share what I glean from my pastor's messages. If you are in the Reno area, please, please, please, come by and spend a Sunday morning (1 1/2 hrs) at Victory City Church. Pastor Chris Vigil delivers his messages with such simplicity and with such passion that they really hit home. (and everyone, yes everyone, fits in here) This is a church that really has a heart for our community...reaching out to all walks of life just to show that God cares.

And since I have been a Christian since I was a small child, it is only natural that my passion for Christ and the Bible would be shared. It's a's been my saving grace through every hard moment that I have stumbled through or has been thrown my way. Therefore, this is simply my endeavoring to share moments of my "Faith Walk" with those who wish to read. So please, stay a while and enjoy a good read. (I hope) And if you have anything to add, please do! Any scriptures that may have special meaning to you, or what you take from the scripture I am commenting on that day.

01/25/13 ~ Killing The Negative & Building On The Positive
01/06/13 ~ Sharing God's Amazing Works
12/16/12 ~ Praying For The Community Of Newtown, CT
11/07/12 ~ Focus On The Positive In Life
10/31/12 ~ You Get What You Ask For
04/16/12 ~ Choose To Speak +, Not -
10/19/10 ~ Not Your Average Couple
08/27/10 ~ Giving In The Desert Moments
06/10/10 ~ In The Still Of The Night
04/21/10 ~ The Purpose of The Valleys
03/15/10 - A Platform Of Praise
03/04/10 - Breaking The Yoke
01/17/10 - Monday Mornings
01/04/10 - A Stronghold In Times Of Trouble
12/15/09 - The Center Of God's Word

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  1. Two great combination for Him and His Words, your Sharing and Faith Walks hand in hand.
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