Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kiddle-Made Miniature Golf

My girls wanted to go miniature golfing...but Mommy was working so there was no way that we could break away and hit the links.  SO my darling little Gracie decided to make her own mini-golf hole.   And it only took a few toys out of the toy chest to make it happen.

She did cheat a little bit by making it narrow at the putting area at the hole.  That's my girl, always using her noggin.  Who would have thought that she would hunt out and choose part of her old training potty for the ball's final destination though.  It must have taken me about 5 minutes to stop laughing...just the sight of her putting balls (and sometimes plastic fruit) into the potty cracked me up.

I just love seeing her imagination at work...and she really did a good job building her little golf hole too.  I even kept her busy for about 2 hours!!!  YAY!   Just look at how proud she is. :)

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