Monday, July 9, 2012

A New School Year!

This morning my Hubby & I walked our girls onto the same play ground for line-up...yes, they have started another new year of school.  A big change is that now both of our little kiddles will be on the same playground for parts of the day...and hopefully they will be able to supress the urge to fight with each other.

It's a bittersweet day.  On one hand I am so excited for my lovely girls to start a new year of school with new teachers and some new potential friends.  On the other hand I am a tad bit saddened at the fact that my darling little babies are growing up so fast.  How can it really be possible that one has moved into 2nd grade and the other is just getting her feet wet in 1st grade?

One of the best feelings this morning was just watching their excitement as they were able to reconnect with friends that had not been seen in over a month.  It was absolutely adorable.  The funny thing is that I may have been just as excited to get to see all of the moms that I had been missing in the past several weeks.  I think I was running and giving hugs just as much as my girls were. Ha!

THEN there is the amazing realization that I am going to have roughly 6.5 hours each day to attempt to get everything done on my daily list!  I did say attempt and attempt I shall. Plus it also allows me to get my freelance drafting done without jumping up in the middle of my "zone" to run and pick up a little one from kindergarten.  My mind just might explode at the concept of being able to really sit and focus on my work without a battle. *gasp*

One of the great perks for today though was that Daddy got to be there to see our girls off to school!  This has never been possible before and was a very special thing.  They almost didn't believe that he was going to walk over with us.

We will see what the reports are at the end of the fingers are crossed and my prayers have been said for a wonderful day for each of my darlings.  And then the list of supplies from WalMart will hit me and I'll be the one needing the prayers.

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