Monday, April 22, 2013

Weight Loss Progress! 4 weeks

Yes, it's Monday and I am ECSTATIC!

Why, you ask?
The magic number of 211.

(I just realized that I forgot to write in my blood pressure on the 13th...138/86)
After juicing, doing smoothies and revamping my eating habits I have been rewarded with a 7 pound weight loss!!!  That's not a ton of weight being kissed bye-bye, but I do know that when you lose weight gradually then you are more likely to keep it off. And that's exactly what I'm planning on doing...Keeping It OFF!

This morning, it's a green smoothie that greets me.  My Green Treat Smoothie is still a favorite way for me to kick off the day.  Add a tablespoon of chia seeds and everything is a GO!
My hubby has even noticed the changes!  It was music to my ears when we were at the park the other day and he commented on how my jeans had gotten loose. 

I love my jeans getting loose! 
It's so much better than them getting tight.
Little by little my family is joining me n the changes.  I know that for myself, I could make drastic changes and be fine with it...not the case when dealing with a 42, 8 & 6-year old in the mix.  Both of my girls are now back on Almond Milk...I love the unsweetened because I can control the amount and type of sugar they get. Raw honey or stevia are my choices...unless blended with fruit in a smoothie. (then no sweetener is needed)

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My hubby is not ready to give up his dairy though...he's obsessed with milk.  Hopefully some day he will come around, until then I will continue to juice and blend fruits and veggies for him.  Once of the biggest changes he's noticed is the energy lift in the morning. Another benefit has been being able to have a better night's sleep when he's had a fruit & veggie smoothie when he gets home from work.
Bread consumption has been cut way back.  In fact, sandwiches are basically non-existent and we've been loading up on veggies (broiled, steamed or raw) instead at dinner time.  When I've given in to bread (there's been 4 times) I've gone for sourdough...but I'm going to be bringing some Ezekiel Bread into the house very soon. (whole seeds, grains & gluten free!) 

School lunches have now come in line with some changes as well.  My girls take containers with a 4-6 slices of meat, a small amount of cheese, crackers, fruit (grapes, cantaloupe or strawberries reign at the moment), a granola bar and occasionally fruit juice gummies or fruit leather.

I'm so proud of how both girls are willing to make changes.  Although my oldest, Grace, is not liking how I'm pulling away from all of the sugar.  Luckily I have a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour and agave nectar from Elana's Pantry.  A batch needs to be made this week so I have something wonderful to please their taste buds while giving them something that is actually good for them.

So, in light of how I am now feeling (which is wonderful), this road back to healthy is considered paved with gold for me.  I love it and it's honestly not that hard.  When I can walk away from pizza simply because I don't want to feel the pain (cheese) or the grogginess, grab a huge salad (kale, spinach, cabbage, carrots, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and 1/4 chicken breast) instead and feel completely full & satisfied, it's a breeze!

Onward to health!

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