Monday, July 8, 2013

Our New Family Member

For the past 4 months my youngest daughter, Rose, has been in search of her perfect dog.  It seemed that the search was to be forever ongoing.  Honestly, I have had my fill of puppy/dog shopping...I mean, 4 months is a long time and a lot of puppies.  We've played with all breeds of puppies - Labrador, French Bull Dog, Havanese, Shih Tzu, Border Collie, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Rottweiler, Husky and mixes of all types.

Well, we decided to hold off on getting any pup for a while and just focus on getting some of the things that we'd need in order to bring one home. It seemed like the best thing to do since Rose wasn't getting any closer to finding the dog that was "her style".  She loved all of them but just wasn't sure if each pup was really perfect for her.  So a couple of little toys, a carrier for the car and locating the best deal on a kennel became the focus...for a couple of days.

Yesterday, after church, we decided to just go to the Humane Society just to see if any new dogs had become available...not at all thinking that we would find anything.  The majority of dogs there were Pit Bulls (which we are not able to have in our complex) or very yappy Chihuahuas (and we don't do yappy in our house).  Into the kennel area we went and were greeted with the typical ear-piercing greetings from Terriers and Chihuahuas in the small group area.  Oh, I tell you, it is a horrible racket.

As we make our way past several dogs that have been there over the past several months we came across one little guy that was silent and just wagging his little tail as fast as he could. This little black pup was prancing and begging for some attention...and he was one that we hadn't seen before.  Whip was his name...we could only guess that he was named that for his little curled tail moving so quickly. 

My daughter was ready to pull him out to see how he acted in a visiting room with her.  I was shocked since we all had agreed that a female was going to be the gender of any pup we brought home.  A male just never was a true consideration.  Well, this little guy won all of us over...even my anti-small-dog hubby.  The kicker, Whip was a mix of Chihuahua and another breed.  (we're guessing Pincher or Terrier)

My darling little Rose has been so happy since we signed the adoption paperwork...and she even chose a new name for him.  The puppy formerly known as Whip is now COCOA!  Their adventures together are about to begin.

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