Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day Of School

It's that start of another year and my girls' individual style is shining through...
Rose: Rainbow striped zebra shirt, rainbow butterfly capris, rainbow gummy bear bracelet, mood changing necklace and rainbow zebra striped boat shoes on her feet. 
Grace: Blue/green ombre tunic w/VERY glittery large flower, matching leggings, Hello Kitty flip glasses (for fun) and her "disco" boots.
I love my girls and their uniqueness.
This morning started off with a phone call from one of my Grace's friends...15 minutes before my alarm was set to start hounding me.  I hate waking up from something else before my alarm goes off. It just completely throws me off. Bit this extremely tired, red-eyed Momma moved on and tried to get dressed as swiftly as I could before rousing my kiddles.
Just like me, they hate being woke up in the morning. My "Good Morning" song was greeted with a big smile from one (shocking) and the comforter being pulled over the other's head (not surprising).  After about 15 minutes giving the best pep talk I could come up with (on 5 hours sleep) to simply get them out of bed, the pep talk for getting them dressed began. I think it helped that there was the smell of bacon cooking in the's a great motivational tool. The aid of a mule team might have been needed otherwise.
I had one girl excited about seeing friends and one begging (with a monsoon of tears) for me to not make her go. This was not the best start out of the gates for poor little Rose. Having all of her friends in different classes was posing a huge dilemma for her...although she did have one of her best buddies, Joe-Joe (as she calls him), to get her through the morning. I'm praying that they are seated next to each other...otherwise there will be a negative right at the beginning of class for her.
Well on a good note, breakfast went smoothly without a spill or confusion of clothes for a napkin. THAT'S HUGE!  I had fought the urge to go buy one of the ridiculously huge raised donuts from Doughboys Donuts and went with a breakfast drink & bacon for one and eggs & bacon for the other. My Charming even got his tummy blessed with a breakfast burrito...he was a happy man.
Lunches are always tricky, but somehow I was able to make both girls happy without too much information prying and collaboration needed. With Rose completely anti sandwiches (she just hates bread) and not willing to go a pasta salad route, it's always a challenge. Final solution - several containers: peanut butter, fresh strawberries, a mozzarella cheese stick and organic gummies. 
Both of my girls were so nervous about their new classes because they each only had 3 out of 24 classmates that they knew. This was a huge change from the last year when teachers were able to help keep more of the kids together. We were so thrilled with the two teachers that the girls got though. All summer we had been praying for God to give us favor in their placement...there is a horrible teacher (with tenor of course) who has treated classroom after classroom of students with such insensitivity and hateful words. Thank God that our Grace did not get placed with her! I would have been in battle mode for sure to keep her from ever stepping foot in that classroom.
Why is it that a teacher with tenor can keep their job when any one of us would lose ours for being inappropriate and down right hateful & demeaning?
Anyway, we all made our way to the lines that awaited us.  By this time both girls had gotten excited to see friends again and were assured that Daddy & Mommy had their backs should anything need to be dealt with. (I had already battled the school for half the year last year because of rotten treatment from a half year substitute for my Rose. I know what I'm doing and don't back down when it comes to my girls or the treatment of any other student in their class for that matter.)  Daddy stayed with Rose until her class was ready to go in while I tried to catch up with Grace and pull her from the wrong line into the right classroom. 
I'm believing that it's going to be a great year. One where true friendships are created that will carry on into middle & highschool.
Now I sit here with green tea in hand and sincerely hope you all have a wonderful start to the school year too!

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