Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life's Turns...A Possitive Change

My writings have be virtually non-existent as of late...and there is a good reason for it, I assure you. You see, my life has taken another turn...and it's a good one.  Two months after my husband & I had decided that we were not going to increase the size of our family, I found out I was PREGNANT! In fact, as of today I am 10 weeks into this pregnancy.  It was a shocker to say the least...and it made me extremely grateful that I had not made that trip the week before to Goodwill with all of my maternity clothing.

And it just goes to show God's sense of humor...I had told my husband that I didn't want to try to have a baby after age 39.  Since the odds of complications tend to increase with age, it was just my way of insuring that I wouldn't be putting me or the baby in a risky situation.  Well, this little one has a due date 9 days before I turn 40.  I love God's sense of humor...an answered prayer fulfilled after it was given up on and just within a deadline that I had set for myself.

Unlike my other two pregnancies, this one has completely wiped me out!  Therefore, I am convinced that this little baby is bound to be wearing a ton of blue.  I could be wrong, but all signs so far tell me that this one is not like the others.  I've been more inclined to meat, which is not like me at all, and have been battling high blood pressure with every natural form I can along with the medication that was prescribed by my doctor. 

How did my girls take it?  Well, here's a little clip...it will clear that question up immediately.  My youngest has the best reaction and comments from beginning to end.

So needless to say that my life is shifting in a major way once again.  And it means that I have to figure out how to keep both a cat and a dog out of the way once the baby comes...OR I simply get rid of them. (which is a bit tempting right now I must say) 

In the meantime,  I am focused on getting even more healthy and keeping myself in line to only gain the 25-30 pounds of baby weight.  It's not impossible and I know that it's something that I need to do for myself.  My first pregnancy had my body in complete chaos...gaining 60 pounds!  My second started with me only having lost the 30 pounds from the first, so I knew that I had to keep myself inline because my bod couldn't handle more than a 30 pound weight gain the second time around.  Now this little baby is in a better place...I'm starting off 10 pounds lighter than I did with my first and I wholeheartedly believe that I can keep everything in balance for a normal weight gain that won't add stress to my body or cause problems for the baby. 

No, I am not just obsessed with weight, there is a very good reason for my focus on it.  All three pregnancies have one thing in common: high blood pressure.  I know that too much weight gain only increases the chance of complications and negative issues with my blood pressure, so I have to keep my eyes on it.  I can't be one of the women who indulges in every little goodie just because I'm pregnant.  I wish I could!

My life has been focused on getting healthy for months before the news hit us...and my juicer is my best friend.  Lot's of fresh veggies and fruits along with lean meats is going to continue to be my daily menu.  (a few little goodies here and there, but not in excess)  By all accounts this should be the healthiest pregnancy of all!

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