Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Someone's Turning ONE! 1st Birthday Party Ideas

This month has be doing a lot of picture gazing.  My little guy is turning 1 at the end of this month.  Can you believe it?  How is that even possible?!  It seems like time has just been moving in a fast forward pace.  I blink and he's doing something new.
Let's face it, the first two birthdays really are for the adults, not so much for the little kiddle.  We moms and dads love to have an excuse to get friends together...because it's hard to do that without a birthday being involved. (at least for our family that statement is true) Well, maybe the 2nd becomes about the little one.
So, now I'm trying to decide what kind of cake to make for this milestone.  Do I go cupcakes?  Do I go single layer?  Do I go tiered?  Do I follow my sis-in-law's example and make a 100% whole fruit cake?  Or do I just make my personal favorite tiramisu? *hehe*
Since I know that I am not the only mom dealing with a 1st birthday party this year, I thought I'd share some of my finds with you.  Hopefully it will either solve another mom's dilemma or stir up inspiration.

A Little Gentlemen's Birthday?  Spaceships And Laser Beams had so many wonderful ideas for a stache themed party.  I'm very tempted to give into this trend. 

So, here's my sis-in-law's all fruit non-cake that she made for my nephew's 1st birthday. (Got a glutten issue to deal with?  This is a PERFECT solution. Isn't that amazing?! 

A Very Hungry Caterpillar?  The Chickabug Blog has the cutest Hungry Caterpillar party setup.  This was one of my girls' favorite books in kindergarten...not sure if it's going to be this year's party, but I could definitely see it coming into play in a few years to come.

Monsters In The House?  This cake from Welcome To The Mad House is adorable and allows the top tier to go to the birthday boy.  Absolutely monstrous party ideas for a little guy...and not over the top, making it less work and clean up when the celebrating is through.  Perfect for a family get-together.  I love the idea of a monster themed party...and my little guy loves watching  Monster Inc. and Monsters University.  This one is a pretty strong frontrunner.

Classy and sheik.  Adventures In PinkSugarLand has kept it very simple and very elegant. (IMHO) Simple assortment of blue hues and's all boy and yet very classy.


There is so much inspiration to be drawn from this adorable Barn Cake by Cakes By Jen.  The animals, I just can't get over how cute they are...especially the piggy in the mud. You could have a checkerboard table cloth, little mason jars filled with dips, candies, veggies or whatever will fit.  Pin the tail on the donkey/cow/pig for a party honest, you know we all still love playing it.  Line up some mason jars and see who can toss the most frozen peas into their jar.  (This way the frozen peas that miss their mark can just be ground into your lawn instead of something sticky and sweet.)
Safari themed table from Catch My Party

Safari Cake Pops from Catch My Party
Oh my gosh!  Safari themed party anyone?!  Catch My Party has some very cute spreads. I'm a sucker for any of the baby toys that have giraffes.  I just think that they are beyond adorable.  And my son LOVES lions, or "Raaawwwwr!" as he calls them.

Such a great All American themed vintage baseball party from Catch My Party.
"Peanuts!  Popcorn! Get your dogs here!" Let's go a little All American...Vintage Baseball Theme!
I'm not quite sure which direction I'll be going, but you can stop by my Pinterest Board for more ideas and to see what catches your eye.

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