Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Golfing Tips From Daddy At The Driving Range

My hubby, Charming, had found a great deal on some golf clubs for our 5 year old Grace. And insisted that we make the purchase...I didn't fight him on it at all. I knew that this meant that it would create Daddy & Daughter Dates...which I fully encourage. Well, we went as a family for Grace's first trip to a driving range. The location: The Grand Sierra Resort's driving range This driving range is set up with incentives...
As you take a swing at your little white ball you cross your toes (because your fingers are a little bit busy at that moment)... You follow the white sphere as it flies in the air and over the water (yes, I said water)... You hold your breath in hopes that it will manage to make its way to one of the floating islands (yes, I said islands)... And as it glides along its path, you can't help but shout out, "go, go, GO!". There's a barrel just waiting for someone to get a ball into it to win a prize. (like a burger from Johnny Rockets)
But perhaps you are one of the fortunate few that actually see your ball making its way to the furthest island...the one that rewards you with a trip to HAWAII if you get that covetted hole in one. Have we ever won that prize...ah, nope. But we can still hold onto the hope of doing it. :) On this particular trip it was more about a few minutes of instruction for Grace...with a TON of little white golf balls waiting to be driven into the fence, down the slope and into the water.
While Daddy & Sissy were practicing their swings...the hunt for dandelions was on.

Did she win any prizes? Ah, no. But she had a TON of fun. Next lesson...stance.

That's my little golfer girl!

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