Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Center Of God's Word

With all that is going on in the world these days, it is so very easy to slide into fear and be utterly confused. The economy is upside down and people are looking to the heads of government all over the world and demanding that they fix it. And they are looking to the specialists in the financial/economical fields for answers...and they don't have any. What a mess we are trudging through right now!

Recently my pastor, Pastor Chris Vigil, has been addressing those of us seated in the church and urging us to look to & lean on God through all that we are facing. That we must know that no one in the leadership of the nations has all the answers to get the economy back to the days of surplus. For us not to expect them to magically solve all of the woes our nation, and the world, is now going through.

And he's absolutely right!
Why on earth would I trust that the leaders have all the answers?
Why would I expect that those who are in leadership and made horrible decisions would have the answers?
That the governing heads of the nations these days would honestly do all they could to better the people of the nations?
Why would I put all of my confidence in Man?!

These statements triggered something...something that I had heard about a year ago. From who? I couldn't tell you. But I remember hearing someone say that the very center of the Bible was the following scripture: Psalms 118:8

Psalms 118:8 simply states: It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Well, if that isn't a true statement then I don't know what is. Man has never had all the answers...never will. But isn't that an amazing thing? That this scripture would be the center verse of the Bible?

When I finally allowed this to sink in, which honestly took me about three weeks after the initial thought, an amazing sense of peace came over me. The pressure and stress that I had been feeling because of the economy and my little family's circumstances seemed to lose weight.

Just to give a brief synopsis, like so many other families in the past year my husband & I had filed Chapter 7, lost our jobs, moved out-of-state to pursue a job opportunity for my husband, moved our family into my in-laws house, I had medical issues that were previously solved return, the job we moved to pursue vanished, and then my husband just received a part-time job which could go full-time. That's a lot in one year!

Now don't get me wrong, I still have stress creep back in from time to time, but it's not nearly as bad as it had been. Psalms 118:8 keeps popping back into my head and I immediately start feeling the relief that God has the answers...He has the plan...He knew that everything that has happened was going to happen. For me, that's a load of stress lifted right there. I can have the assurance that I can trust in the Lord when man seems to be flailing about...not sit back and do nothing. I have to put forth efforts, but I can trust that God has the power and the answers to get me through whatever it is that I'm facing.

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