Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas On The Move

Could it be one of Santa's little helpers?

Charming, the kiddles and myself were on our way back home after lunching with family at the Peppermill's Cafe. We decided to take a quick drive past the ice skating rink that had been set-up in Downtown Reno on First Street & Virginia Avenue. Let's just say that ice skating is now added to the list of things that Grace & Rose desperately want to do for Christmas. After explaining that we needed to have the right clothing on (which went in one ear and out the other) in order to go ice skating, we headed home. There were still some crafts that the girls were going to do involving paper, scissors, glue and glitter. As we were driving down the 395, we came upon the rear of this sparkling example of Christmas spirit. At first we weren't sure what was glittering in the back of this pick-up truck. "What does that guy have in the back? Trash?" "I think it's tons of garland." "Trees?" As we got closer, we were pleasantly suprised to see that there were two golden Christmas trees in the bed of the pick-up. And flanking those were some very chilly (it was 32°F outside) stuffed animals along for the ride. I rummaged through the pockets of my jacket and purse...grabbed my cellphone and feverishly tried to get the camera function set. (I didn't think I would be needing a camera when we were just going out to lunch) "I have to get a picture of this!" You would think that the little girl inside of me had just seen Santa Claus himself. As we pulled along side the truck Charming & I both noticed that Mr. Claus was at the wheel with Mrs. Claus right beside him. They even had on red cowboy hats with white fur trim! At this point the girls were done with the truck, but Charming & I were still enjoying immensely. I wondered "Where are they heading? Do they deliver gifts to children?" And then I thought, "I hope we see them again one night." The site of that truck all lit up with those lights once the sun goes down must be such fun. I can only imagine...

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