Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do Your Kids Stick Things Up Their Noses?

I was just watching today's broadcast of THE DOCTORS and just had to share this information for any mom out there that has a child that loves to stick things up their nose. Fortunately my little kiddles have never had a thing for sticking anything (other than their finger) up into their nose. That is not the case for so many other moms.

Let's say that your littleone for some unknown reason decides to stick their big sister's Barbie shoe up their nose...What do you do?! Here's what THE DOCTORS have to say about it: If you can see the object and feel comfortable removing it with a blunt object, then you can attempt to remove it. If you do not feel confident, THEN DON"T ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE OBJECT! Take your child to the pediatrician, Urgent Care or Emergency Room. If you attempt to remove the object when it is not easily accessible, you can actually make it go further into the child's nose/sinuses. Which is the exact opposite outcome you are intending. Let's say that your littleone decides to stick some candy up their a jellybean or gummy bear. What do you do?! This is the suprising information that THE DOCTORS shared: Remember that candy is water soluable. Go into the bathroom and run a hot shower to create steam. (for pete's sake do not put your child in the hot shower!) Sit in the bathroom and allow the steam to loosen/melt the candy until it can be blown/pulled out. (of course if it's a chocolate chip, then it will melt fairly quickly and you'll just have a chocolatey runny nose to deal with) If you're not feeling confident with the steam treatment, then by all means call your pediatrician, Urgent Care or head to the Emergency Room for assistance. My fingers are crossed that I never have to worry about anything being stuck in my kiddles' noses, but at least I feel a little more secure in knowing that I don't have to go into panic mode. Thank you DOCTORS!

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