Monday, June 4, 2012

So. Cali Getaway ~ Swim Day!

What do you do when the weather is picture perfect...not too hot and in the comfortable 70's?  Why SWIM of course!

My little kiddles donned their swimsuits, cover-ups and flip-flops for a day of fun filled sogginess with their "cousins" (my best friend Jennifer's son & daughter).  We started off with lunch, pool prep and then everyone made their way into the pool at about 2:20p.  Mind you we had warned them all to eat plenty of protein at lunch because they were going to need the fuel for their little muscles as they thrashed and splashed about...mine didn't listen. (of course)

4:00p hits and all of a sudden my little Rose is begging for some turkey rolls, apples and peanut butter. "My tummy's starving!  Listen.", she says as her waterlogged hand thumps on her little belly. Once her request is met then it was SPLASH back into the pool for more fun. In fact, it was after her snack that she dowsed me with her water canon...wet jean shorts are not such a good thing.

Finally, as pizza (and donuts) walks through the door with "my other brother", we pull our soggy exhausted troop out of the water at 6:10p.  Were there gruffs, grumbles and groans?  Of course, but there were more empty bellies wanting some food.

Aside from being completely thrilled at the opportunity to watch my kiddles play with Jennifer's kiddles (which was always a dream of ours), sitting and visiting with my "sister", I was blessed with returning to Nan & Papa's house with two girls who both fell asleep on the sofas before bedtime!!!

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