Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making A Change For The Healthier

I am on a mission. Yes, a mission. For the past 8 years I have been on medication for high blood pressure and for the past 13 years over weight...and I'm through!!!
There was a time when I was obsessed with nutritional information, herbs and vitamins. It was a passion that I loved sharing with anyone interested. A way that I kept my body happy & healthy and my mind focused. Well, I'm heading back into that realm of happiness and health!
Do I recommend taking the steps that I did the past 2 months?
Why? Simply because I weaned myself off of my medication without consulting my physician.  Atenolol has been my nemesis for years causing weight gain, dizziness, extended periods of being light-headed and irritating fogginess. 
(Please, talk with your physician to wean yourself off of medications...I took a risk doing it on my own and I do not suggest that anyone else take the same risk.)

My expression pretty much says it all here...not liking the side shot at all!
Quite frankly, I felt like CRAP!  Two years ago, when my blood work came back showing elevated cholesterol levels, my doctor really pushed for me to make a change to a drug better suited for people with the combination of high cholesterol/high blood pressure. Fortunately, I was familiar with that drug. When I insisted that I would not change my medication to a drug that I knew caused depression for my grandfather, my doctor looked at me like I was crazy.  Her look was even more exaggerated when I told her I wanted to make nutritional changes instead.  I was apparently considered crazy for insisting that I could lower my blood work levels nutritionally. 
Well, I did it!  One year later, she was shocked when my blood tests came back improved.  To my amazement she even told me that whatever I was doing was working.
Now, since getting off the medication and being one week into this drive to restore my health, I am feeling wonderful!  No light-headed moments or dizziness and my weight has gone down! (Total weight loss since getting completely off the drug 6 weeks ago is now at 18 lbs.!) 
My biggest dietary change is that I have started blending fruits & veggies to get more GOOD sources of nutrition into my daily intake.  This was today's mix...just missing some blueberries to get the full rainbow effect.
I have also started taking a "super-food" wheat grass powder daily...blended with my fruits and veggies it's not bad.  Blended with just plain apple juice or water it is nasty. (just being honest here)
I must say that I'm loving the way that I feel simply from making that change of blending my concoction alone.  And my Hubby is getting a good laugh at me "eating" my juice since all of the pulp is present.  (Honestly, I'm liking "eating" my juice...I crave it!)  It's about to change though, my best friend surprised me with an early birthday present, a  Jack LaLanne Juicer, which I am washing and putting to good use immediately!
Before the addition of my blended concoctions my blood pressure readings were generally about 182/128.  I know, frightening huh?!  I did stretching and deep breathing techniques, but never could get it lower than the high 160s/100-120s.  And that was the norm with readings throughout my days and nights.
Today, after making this change for 5 days and adding a daily supplement of magnesium, my readings were 148/86!  WHAT?!?!!! 
I can only imagine how much better my readings are going to be as I continue juicing and start doing my 3 mile walks again!
So, in an attempt to keep myself motivated to make my life and the lives of my family healthier, I am posting my measurements, weight and blood pressure records. (YIKES!)  I'm determined to get back to measurements and a weight like I had 15 years ago.  They are still in my journal to remind myself of a better time in my life health-wise.
As you could see above, I am not brave enough to post a fat bikini picture...I'll spare your eyes & my dignity.  The measurements and fully clothed pics should suffice. 
Tidbits I learn will be posted and shared...and I hope are also put to use to improve at least one other person's health.

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