Saturday, March 30, 2013

Steaming vs. Boiling: Easter Egg Prep


 This year I decided to do a little something different when prepping for the traditional Easter egg coloring fest....steaming my eggs!  Yes, I said steaming.

Where did I get such a notion? Mr. Alton Brown of course.  It's a brilliant concept I must say. The water takes less time to come to a boil which means less time waiting for the eggs to get done thus allowing you to start on a next batch quickly.

Now there is something that I learned in this experiment...adjust time for steaming when extra large eggs are used. I did not realize that the times Alton mentioned were for large eggs. My first go at steaming showed that the 13 minute mark results in extra large eggs with an undone center.  Not the result I was looking for.  
After making the adjustment of an extra couple minutes I was rewarded with the perfectly done egg on the right.  
So here is the steam time difference between the two:
13-14 minutes - Large Eggs
15-16 minutes - Extra Large Eggs  
Happy steaming everyone!

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