Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Honored To Honor An American WWII Veteran

I have been basically invisible for the past week and for good reason.  At 6:30am, on Mother's Day, my husband received the phone call from his father that his grandfather had passed earlier that morning.  It wasn't the Mother's Day that any of us had anticipated to say the least.  The focus of the day was completely shifted and we all went into overdrive trying to help my husband and my father-in-law process the news. 
It wasn't a shock (so-to-speak), Great-Grandpa Sam was 97 years old. He had very recently been a victim of yet another heart attack which could have easily claimed his life that night...and honestly, I believe it was God's mercy on the family that we were blessed to have him for several weeks after that scare.  This man seemed to just continue to go-go-go no matter what was thrown at him.  Even when he said he was ready to go (which was a year ago), his body tried its darnedest to make it to that 100 year mark.

Like my grandfather, my husband's Grandpa Sam was a World War II Veteran who was a true patriot.  Those men and women who served our country back then really knew how to hold the title of Veteran with honor.  For serving our nation by "writing a blank check that could cost them everything, including their lives" is to be commended.  To be honored. To be respected. To be grateful for.

Great-Grandpa was surrounded by so many hearts that loved him.  So many that will miss his sweet face and quick wit.

I will miss his hugs and "How are you mijita?"  But mostly his wonderful was infectious to me. It was all that a laugh should be. The only regret that I have is the lack of opportunities to have sat and visited more with this wonderful man.  Being several hours apart made visits few and far between.
It broke my heart to watch as my husband helped to carry his Grandpa to his final resting place.  It both filled my heart with pride and shattered it when I heard TAPS played and watched my husband join the naval officers in a final salute. 
I rest in the sweet assurance that he has seen his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and has finally been reunited with the love of his life. 

Never before have I seen a man love a woman so much that 20 years after her death he is still madly in-love and pining for her.  The first time he showed me his room, I remember seeing all of the pictures he had of Great-Grandma Tila, I was floored at the emotion and the longing he had to be with her again.  It was truly bitter-sweet...true love can not be quenched by death, it just simmers and grows even richer.
My girls will miss him and miss hearing this stories...which were fabulous. (How many people do you know that were neighbors to Clyde's mom? Yes, Clyde, as in Bonnie & Clyde.)  They will remember what an honor it is to be a Veteran though...they will remember the respect that was paid that day...and we will not let them forget all that has been paid by our service men & women for our country.

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