Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sale Day! And A Lesson In Finance.

Today we endeavored to participate in one of the oldest quick money making and household lightening events...The Garage Sale!  Why is it that garage sales have to start so early in the morning?  Who established the appropriate time to begin the sales?  What on earth made them come to the conclusion of, "Oh, 6:30AM should be perfect."
I think that something along the lines of 8:00AM, or even better 9:00AM, is more along my lines of appropriate sale times.  People are exhausted before that and the children that are toted around tend to just gripe and complain. (okay, maybe just the people holding the garage sales are exhausted)
My youngest sifted through her toy chest and came up with a number of items that were too young for her or were Happy Meal toys that were no longer wanted.  It was so fun to see her excited about filling up her box with items to sell.  She couldn't wait to start selling and collecting some $.
She even had to have the perfect outfit for this morning's event. And for her that was a no-brainer.
"I have to be fancy to sell my stuff mom."
My eldest had a different mindset for tackling this garage sale.  She has been dying to get a pogo stick, so her Daddy decided that she needed to learn how to earn it.  I agreed, it was about time that she fully understood that it takes effort to get the money needed to buy play things.

Here was the plan, which I thought might not work out so well, which was put into effect...
  • Buy some candy, granola bars and water. 
  • Sell each item for $1.
  • Pay Dad & Mom for the purchase price of the product.
  • Pocket the profit.
  • Buy a new scooter.
Well, she did phenomenal!  Not only did she sell enough to pay for the product, she made a profit!
AND she made enough to go purchase her new pogo stick!
AND she still has about 30 items left that she could sell to friends or at another yard sale!
PLUS...a couple who came buy actually have a pogo stick that they are giving to her for FREE! (she has no idea about this Monday after school will be a fun reveal for sure)
At about the middle of the day, a walk became necessary...if for nothing else, just to step away and check out some of the other garage sales in the area. (it was a full community garage sale even)  And along my walk I happened upon this lovely little dove perched up high spying on all of the activity below.
As for Dad & Mom, we got a little extra cash for some things that we needed to clear out. (but we are definitely in need of some sleepy time now)
It turned out to be a good day all around.

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