Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Destruction Zone ~ I Am Learning A Valueable Lesson

This morning I woke to find that my main blog site had vanished.

Yes, vanished.

This is definitely a DESTRUCTION ZONE. And this one will take far more time to fix than any other that I've had to deal with.

That means that all of the links that say "View Complete Posting" are not working...because my content on the main site had disapeared into the abyss of cyberdom.

"That's alright, you made backups right?"

Uh, nope...I may be able to write, but when I read WordPress' articles on backing up your blog, it's like reading a foreign language to me. So I am left without a backup of my postings...and right now that REALLY stinks.

SO, unless my server can magically go back to a time before they did their maintenance yesterday, I'll have to try to put on my "Fix-It" cap and get into the mood for RE-blogging.

Say a few prayers for me, PLEASE! I'm not wanting to put on that cap...and I honestly just don't have the time now.

*fingers crossed*

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