Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My SITS Day Has Arrived!

Well Hello Ladies! When I found that my SITS was upon me I literally had to re-read the email...about 3 times. It wasn't a joke, the day had finally come! And what do I say to that? "WHOOHOO!"

A little introduction to myself, Tanya a.k.a. The Chatty Mom, is necessary...I am a Native Southern Californian of Norwegian descent transplanted into the Reno/Tahoe area, a Christian SAHM who is trying to start up her own freelance drafting business in the midst of raising two rambuncious little girly kiddles while keeping my wonderful hubby (a.k.a. Charming) a happy man. Yeah, it's a bit like a circus act here...but I love it! My Confessions area pretty much encompasses everything that my world throws into my daily life. (including The Destruction Zone, compliments of my kiddles) My girls and I love baking and cooking...but mostly love eating what we bake or cook. The artist in me loves to decorate and paint murals on my kiddles's my way of keeping in touch with my artistic dreams. (artistic dreams of grandeur I am trying to rebuild that I've put on the backburner for so many years) I've become addicted to entering giveaways and love sharing the ones that I come across! Hence the creation of my monthly Giveaway Link-Up! So grab a big cup of coffee and visit for a spell...I LOVE visitors! AND thank you to the SITS Girls! I love you ladies! If you are not already a member, head over to The Secret is in the Sauce to sign up. Once you are a member, get ready to be amazed by the support you will receive from the over 7,000 members who believe the secret to success in blogging is supporting through commenting and sharing ideas. Here's a little selection of postings you might enjoy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~