Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Season And The Return Of An Old Love

Alright, I know that it has been a long time since I've posted anything but it's because sometimes my life is a bit hectic.  It must be said that turning 40 has brought changes in my life...a new baby boy, girls entering 3rd and 4th grade, and a return of a long lost love of essential oils. I love my family and will do anything I can to help us all stay healthy and functioning at the top of our game.  Sometimes it's harder than it sounds...okay, it can be a downright battle.

I feel so blessed to have an old love of mine work it's way back into my life, at what I feel is the right season, for me to empower my family with knowledge that can help change our daily lives.  Enter ESSENTIAL OILS

I have loved EOs since I was introduced to them when I worked in a little shop adding fragrance grade oils into lotions, shampoo, conditioner, massage oils, and more.  I don't know how, but at some point I let them slip out of my life.  What a fool I was!!  I just did not have an understanding of what was being sown into my life or how powerful therapeutic grade oils really were on a daily basis. Right now, I am most excited to see the impact they will have on my family as we enter flu season once again. 

What are essential oils? 
Here is a quick 2 minute video to briefly explain ~

Yes, there has been a buzz in the air for the past several years over the uses of essential oils, even more since our health care system has been in s state of flux. My sister-in-love is the one I credit for bringing these wonderful oils back into my life.  We are now on a journey together to make our families stronger, wiser and free from so many of the harmful elements that are everywhere these days.  Now I find myself excited about listening to a pre-recorded class, watching a video or reading material on the oils. There is anticipation each morning of what I will learn as I listen, watch and read throughout my day...what golden nugget will be added to my treasure trove next?!
My company of choice for my oils is doTERRAThe oils are the best of the best, they reach out to the communities that they source the oils from and are making such a positive impact on different areas of the world.  I love that!  More than just building a business, I have wanted to find a way to get back into helping others without having to leave my children to the care of others or going back to school thus over-stressing myself both in the financial and time-management areas.  The beautiful thing is that doTERRA is providing me with the opportunity to do just that!  And  I will be sharing what I learn as I continue to grow in knowledge and experience...count on it!

My first purchase to get back into the flow of essential oils, the Family Physician's Kit.  This allowed me to take 10 of the most popular oils and familiarize myself once again with the ones I used to use while getting to know some amazing new oil blends.  Plus I also got a large bottle of the Slim & Sassy oil blend to help with weightloss/management! (I love it!)  My girls and hubby have fallen in love with these oils too.  Seeing the curiosity in my girls and their desire to try other oils makes this momma very proud.  They are beginning their journey with me and already sharing what they are learning with their friends.  I'm planting seeds of knowledge and experiences into their lives that I am sure will continue to flourish.
My personal benefits from my first use?  Well, I live in the state whose state flower is my nemesis...Sagebrush.  Never have I experienced such constant sinus pressure, headaches, and congestion on a regular basis.  That being said, Lavender (a scent that I have long disdained) has become my best friend in the fight to calm my allergies. I apply it to my wrists and then rub it onto the back of my neck, 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop in the evening and I am a happy camper.  Along with the Breathe oil blend when I am really congested, my sinuses are once again happy...which makes my family happy because mommy isn't as grumpy and testy.  The effects of using these oils topically was felt within 5 minutes. No Joke!

Even hospital staff are starting to realize that essential oils can help their staff's mood at work, as well patients' being treated. This 3 minute video shares how Vanderbuilt Medical Center started using them 3 years ago! (and you know that's a huge deal)


How can I use doTERRA's essential oils?

There are three ways that you can easily use the oils.  However, NOT ALL OILS can be used in all of these ways.
  • Aromatically - Diffuse with a cool mist diffuser.  (the heat of humidifiers
  • Topically - Diluted with fractionated coconut oil for easy application to the bottom of feet, neck, pulse points, reflexology areas, pain sites, wounds, and burns.
  • Internally - Drop(s) under your tongue, mixed with water/juice, in a gel capsule or soft gels, and even in cooking recipes.
NOTE:  NEVER take any essential oils internally unless they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and have the supplemental facts listed on the bottle.  Be sure to read information and labels of each oil and reference doTERRA's Product Guide to ensure proper use of each oil.  (I will be posting more information on using essential oils this week.)

Do I have to be registered with the company to purchase doTERRA essential oils?

No. You are not required to register with the company to purchase doTERRA products. You can purchase the oils at retail cost HERE.

Are there ever any special discounts or offers on the oils?

Yes!  There is a 25% discount that can be yours!  You can register with doTERRA as a Preferred Customer for $35 annually (like a Costco or Sam's Club membership) and will then receive a 25% discount on their products!  Register HERE.
Please, if you have any questions you can contact me HERE.

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