Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Treats & Craft Ideas

My girls love to use any excuse to bake or create goodies...especially fun looking ones.  Here are some of the ideas we've come across while trying to decide what to do for Halloween parties at school and friends' houses.                                    

We've already hit one Trunk-or-Treat event and have a couple more planned on Halloween...PLUS Trick-or-Treating with some good friends. By that time my oldest daughter should have her Red Angry Bird costume. (we improvised and made her a Pop Star for this one)

With very little time on my hands now that I have a new baby demanding all of it, I am pulling on Pinterest like mad this week.  From sweet treats to crafts to drinks...these are the ones that caught my girls' eyes.  Which are your favorites?

To view other ideas, visit my Pinterest Board!

1. Personal Pumpkin Pizzas - TheChattyMom
   My girls absolutely LOVE building their own pizzas. This is just another fun way to enjoy a piece of pizza...err, a whole personal pizza.

2.  Crayon Melt Pumpkins  - BudgetSavvyDiva.com
    We will be making a couple of these pumpkins this year...just to be different from our neighbors.

3. Easy Pumpkin Pretzels - InspiredDreamer.com
    Sweet & salty collide.  And they're bite-sized too!

4.  Halloween Marshmallow Pops - IWashYouDry.com
   Way too cute to not attempt.

5.  Deviled Pumpkin Eggs - TadkaPasta.com
    I just may have to make these for my hubby...he LOVES deviled eggs.

6.  Gooey Monster Cookies & Monster Pops - Lil' Luna
    Just too much fun...that's all I can say.

7.  Monster Strawberry Cupcakes - YummyCrumble

    Now I know how vicious strawberries can be. Is this how people with an allergy view them?

8. 15 Ways To Package Treats - Brit+Co
   There is some serious debating going on as to which should be used for class parties this year.

9.  Party Mix! - A Spicy Perspective
   This is definitely going into goodie bags for the class.

10.  Eye Of Newt Pretzels - Lady Behind The Curtain
   Who doesn't like candy coated pretzels?

11.  Glow Stick Lanterns - Lil Blue Boo
Love Love LOVE These!  They will be all over our porch...and a great idea for Christmas decorations too!

12.  10 Kid Friendly Halloween Drinks - Compiled by MomsAndMunchkins
    Such fun ideas.  Who says that only grown-ups get to have the fun looking drinks?

13. White Chocolate Bones - The Chatty Mom

I make these every year for my girls...it's one of our favorite goodies at Halloween.  So easy and such fun for them to assemble.

I was going to only post the "Lucky 13", but then I just had to include these...
14. Paper Lanterns - Kids Kubby

15.  Glow In The Dark Pumpkins - I Love To Create

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