Thursday, March 4, 2010


Poor little Grace is getting re-psyched for getting "picas" on Tuesday. "Picas" is what my family calls shots, thorns or anything that pokes you. She was supposed to get them yesterday, the chicken pox vaccine, but since she's been fighting a cold (and the rest of the family has been too) Momma figured that it just wasn't the right day to add more for her immune system to deal with. What really stinks is that she wants to go back to school so badly, but won't be allowed into the classroom until she gets this stinkin' shot. Which reminds me, I have to send an email to her teacher to let her know why Grace hasn't been in class this week...just in case she doesn't know the school's restriction. So after making the call to the doctor's office to reschedule I had to go explain to my 5-year-old that she wasn't getting her "picas" yesterday. To which she exclaimed, "Yippee! No picas!", and clapped. Then I had to tell her that she was getting them on Tuesday instead..."Oh man!" I couldn't help it, I had to laugh. I love my Grace. She took the news with, eh, grace and then reminded me that after getting her "picas" I promised to take her to the yogurt shop for some frozen chocolate yogurt with chocolate chips. Yes, I have committed the cardinal sin of bribing my kiddle to be brave enough to get her "picas". But I remember what it was like when I was little...I hated shots, and the doctor's office...even though my doctor gave us little toys and a lollipop for being brave. Well, I'll update how successful our day is when the chicken pox vaccine invades my daughter's body on Tuesday. Lord give me the strength to hold her while the shot comes her way. Literally...I mean, the last time she bent the needle! How do you deal with getting your kiddles ready for shot visits? Sid The Science Kid: It\'s Gonna Help A Whole Lot ~ Thanks Mindy for the link!

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