Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Autism Awareness Month

I do not have a child with autism, however I have been blessed to know a few little ones who do have different levels of autism.  It seems to run rampant in children these days, especially little boys, and our society still does not know enough to have an understanding of how it effects these lives.

We all need to be educated and not just assume that a child who is having a meltdown in a store is simply acting like a brat...perhaps, just perhaps that child is battling his emotions and comprehension of something that has just occurred.

If you have not seen this video, I urge you to take the 17 minutes out of your day to watch it...it's from a father's heart.  It made my heart break and my blood boil.

I give praise to this father who has taken steps to unveil what what occurring in his son's school life...how many other children are experiencing this and the parents have no idea that it is going on?  How many children dread going to school, not just because they want to be home playing, but because they know that a berating of ridicule and insults are waiting there to greet them after they say goodbye to their parents?

Those that teach spend so much time influencing our children, shouldn't they be a possitive influence in their lives?  Especially to the little ones who have autism (or other hurdles to overcome).

For information on Autism, visit AutismSpeaks.org

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