Monday, April 23, 2012

Morning Stroll

This morning the weather graced the valley with a beautiful mid 70's start...and I finally got my act together and started walking again.  It hit me how much of a difference it makes in my day when I start it off with a nice brisk walk.  Something just happens...the world is a brighter, happier place and stress just melts away. (at least for an hour or two) 

I mean, how could you not have your spirit lifted when you get these little nuggets of beauty along the way?

Starting my stroll off with an adorable little duck family...there were about 8 little ducklings hidden in that center reed grouping.  Daddy Mallard was on high alert.
See those snow capped mountains in the background?

Gorgeous flowering tree along the path.

This poor little guy was working so hard to attract his mate...I hope she finally came along. (he had stiff competition from about 15 other birds below)

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