Saturday, April 21, 2012

Morning Rush Tip: Premade Pancakes

If your house is anything like my house then your morning rush is ridiculous. The biggest hurdle I have every morning is breakfast...for some reason it's always a surprise that my kiddles have to eat breakfast.  Well I have an easy little shortcut for making a pancake breakfast without buying them from the frozen section of your supermarket.

Whenever I make pancakes for breakfast, which is usually Saturday morning, I make a few additional cakes and let them cook on a rack.  Do I make them from scratch? Uh, no.  I do use my favorite pancake mix though...KRUSTEAZ Buttermilk Pancake Mix. (because all I have to add is water!) They are so light and fluffy...and most of the time I am dressing them up with goodies, so that's my little trick to making them really "homey".
$ Saving Tip: Buy at the warehouse store (mine is Costco).
For approx. $8.00 I can feed my family of 4 pancake breakfasts for 2-3 months!

Once cooled, into a plastic bag and onto my refrigerator shelf they go. POW! (yes, POW!)  I have my pancakes ready for a weekday morning rush.  The best part...all it takes is 20-30 seconds in the microwave to heat them up.  (if you freeze them, reheat for 50-60 seconds)

With just the little bit of extra batter, I ease my morning rush. This allows me to have a little peace of mind and a "good mom" feeling by knowing that these pancakes didn't just come out of the freezer section and I can honestly say, "Come get the pancakes mom made for you."

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