Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Long Awaited Visit ~ Tooth Fairy!

Last night we celebrated my little Rose's loss of her 2nd tooth.  I knew that it was going to be a night for celebration so a special treat was planned...Lemon Loaf!!!  Bright, cheery, canary yellow lemon loaf cake with a sweet/tart icing sat ready for my little love's celebration of finally losing her 2nd tooth.

There were times that it seemed that her permanent teeth were just going to have to get used to sitting behind her baby teeth.  Yes, behind those darling little baby teeth...but at least she is not having to repeat the process that I had to at her age.  Fortunately 2 teeth have vacated her lower row and she won't have to have all four front baby teeth pulled at the same time.  Yes, that was the fate I had to deal with...4 pulled at one time.  Talk about a reason for a little girl to HATE going to the dentist.

Needless to say that the bright white treasure was placed under her pillow and discussion began between my two girls as to what would be found in its place in the morning.  Our household is a bit different than most, you see my children have decided that "stupid money" is not the best thing to have left behin by their tooth fairies...instead letters get written asking ever so politely for a present to be left instead.  (with the rise in fees per tooth due to inflation, this is a welcomed alternative)

This morning the tooth fairy took advantage of a great sale on Lalaloopsy Minis!!

Yes, things have started off on a good foot today...

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