Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Smell Of The Ocean...Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Memorial Weekend 2010...The Santa Cruz Boardwalk!

This past weekend our family headed West for one of Charming's best friend's wedding. And my wonderful hubby planned a little something extra just for me. (I love it when he does that) You see, I have been having ridiculous ocean air withdrawls. Never before had I thought just how much the smell of ocean breezes really meant to me...until I moved to Reno. There isn't the slightest hint of salty air out here.

So Charming decided that we needed to leave a day early and make Friday a day for me. (I'm getting all chocked up again) He had planned that we would make a stop at one of his old stomping grounds...the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I've never been to Santa Cruz before, so this was an added bonus for me...there is a deep love I have for taking a little adventure every now and then to discover a new place that I haven't visited yet.

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