Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cars & Poodle Skirts ~ Hot August Nights In Reno, NV

If you love classic cars...the paint jobs, the roar of the engines, that shiny chrome ... then you'll absolutely be in heaven during one of Reno's largest festivals. Hot August Nights is in full swing right now throughout downtown Reno. Almost everywhere you look right now there is a gorgeous vehicle cruising the streets. All that's missing is a row of neon diners.

This is one of the best festivals every year! Cars, cars cars!!! We headed over to the Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa for our first official viewing of these beauties. Let me just say, I thought that Charming was going to need a bucket to catch all of that drool. Especially when he saw the beauty above. Then again, almost all of the cars went on his wish list. It was almost like walking through a car lover's dreamland. Rows of some of the most gorgeous cars I've ever seen. And there's still tons that I have to go check-out at other casinos before the festival is over. (Schedule of events is listed below)

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