Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cinema Sunday ~ My Favorite Wife (1940)

There are so many great Cary Grant films...but this one is just so much fun. How can you not just adore Cary? There's just something about that man that draws you in, makes you feel a little more sophisticated and light-hearted and flat out wonderful. (no matter what the day has brought you up to that point)

Anyway, to see the twists and turns that unfold when lawyer Nick Arden (Cary Grant) has his wife Ellen (Irene Dunne), who has been missing for 7 years since her ship was lost at sea, declared legally dead so he can marry Bianca (Gail Patrick)....well, you can't help but feel sorry for the guy. Let's just toss in the fact that on the same day that his presumed departed spouse returns, Nick is off on his honeymoon with his new bride the same little honeymoon suite that he shared with his first wife, Ellen. There's an instantly classic scene when he sees Ellen waving to him as the elevator door is closing. The look on his face is priceless...

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