Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Night Job Is Like Having A Newborn Again

Okay, so I've now finally gotten a little part-time job that allows me to juggle my family...and I do mean juggle. The nice thing is that I actually get to have a family dinner with my hubby and kiddles, before rushing to finish getting myself ready for the evening. I already miss-out on some bedtime storytelling and prayers, so I'm extremely greatful that I don't have to missout on a family dinner also.

Nights are sometimes done around midnight...sometimes later. (or earlier the next day, depending on how you look at it) Which means that I end up with anywhere between 4-6 hours of sleep on those work nights. And those nights are the ones that I remember having for what seems to be roughly 3 years out of the past 6. (unless there are dreams of monsters & snakes...then it's pretty current) Those nights make the following day extremely difficult...but time moves on and demands a Momma to be at top form at all times. So top form I will be...with a lot of caffeine in my system....

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