Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cinema Sunday ~ How To Marry A Millionaire (1953)

This happens to be my favorite Hollywood bombshell triple threat movie...Bette Grable, Marilyn Monroe & Lauren Bacall. These women deliver their comedic roles wonderfully. The fashion is amazing...I just love the dresses, suits, gowns, swim suits, capri outfits....everything from that time!

Shatze Page (Bacall) orchestrates a grand plan of how she and her two fellow models can land themselves a few unsuspecting millionaires. Her head is in the game and the plan is simple...pool the financial resources, rent a ridiculously expensive penthouse from Freddie Denmark (David Wayne), who was in hiding to avoid the IRS, and seek out the millionaires wherever they might be frolicking. Shatze is one tough cookie who doesn't go for anything less than what she believes is the perfect million dollar very kind, older widower J.D. Hanley (William Powell). And you can't help but feel bad for the striking young man, Tom Brookman (Cameron Mitchell), who is nothing more than a "gas pump jockey" to Shatze. He tries so hard to crack her icy exterior only to hear after each date that she never wants to see him again. Yet when it all comes down to it Shatze can't go through with her wedding to J.D. Hanley and ends up marrying Tom Brookman instead. (thinking that she's ended up with the poorest choice of all)...

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