Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is the world barking mad? Or is it just my world?

There are some days when I just feel like the world is completely barking mad...and yes, I'm pulling on England for that description. At least I feel like my world is from time to time.

It tends to go a little something like this:
Grace Rose Me

"Mommy! MOMMY! Good morning Mommy. You're my favorite mother ever."
"I'm your only mother ever."
"But you're my favorite."
"Thank you baby."
"Good morning Momma. I love you."
"I love you too baby."
"Momma, it's time for breakfast. Can I have some cereal with no milk and some juice with water?"
"Yeah, cereal with no milk...alright. What about sissy?" Sissy has left to turn on the morning cartoons.
"I want a ham and cheese and balogna sandwich please...OH! And chocolate milk." What a lovely combination...it turns my stomach every morning.
"Okay." And the day begins...

Not too long afterwards there is the constant squeals from one kiddle torturing another. And it's usually something along the lines of what it was today...
"Mommy! Rose is teasing me...she said that I'm not beautiful because I have dragon breath."
"Rose, stop teasing Grace. You're still beautiful even with dragon breath...but it would probably be a good idea to go brush your teeth so they smell more like peppermint patties, right?"
"Okay...but tell Rose not to tease me anymore."
"Rose don't tease Sissy anymore...and go brush your dragon breath away too."
"Fine. Okay...I will brush away the dragon breath." *HHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHH* (that would be Rose breathing her dragon breath down the hall to the bathroom)

And I have to admit it...I laugh at this because it's just too funny. I laugh until I hear the water constantly going...the giggles and splashing occuring out of my sight...

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