Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving = Beyond Complete Exhaustion

When we started our move I had absolutely no idea that it would become such a monumental undertaking. Now 4 weeks into it and I am still going through storage containers and sifting out what stays and what gets donated. Just for clarification's sake let me explain why it has been such an undertaking...

Now, our background? As mentioned in previous posts, my little family of 4 has been living with in-laws on either side for, well, our entire existence of being a family. So that's 6 years people! Can you imagine?!

In those 6 years we have been storing things in the local storage centers...the last was a 10x30 unit to be exact. Filled to the brim. And we're now living in an 1095 sq.ft. apartment....with a little ant's trail to make our way around. I have to laugh...if I don't laugh then the storage containers and boxes just might make me cry. My line of vision is filled with them...

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