Thursday, October 28, 2010

The NUBY Super Spout Easy Gripper Sippy Cup

You would think that at about the age of 3 the sippy cup would become a thing of the past.

Not in my house! Now, don't think that I'm crazy...I just look at it this way:

The middle of the night is when I prefer to be asleep.
And I think that I have found the perfect solution to the nightly call for some water to drink. (which typically happens between 2-3AM)

My girls really don't use it during the day...unless I'm petrified that whatever it is that they are wanting to drink is going to destroy my beloved couch. So it's rare now...really it is.

BUT at night they know that Momma goes and fills the Nuby Super Spout Easy Gripper Sippy Cup to what I imagine is 1/3 of the sippy cup's capacity.

It then gets placed in the center of a kid's neck know, the kind that us adults use on airplanes or on long car trips.

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