Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Eatery Discoveries

Today is my birthday and in the search for some place to sit & dine with my family I discovered that there are quite a few eateries in my area that I have not visited...and really want to.  Living in South Reno tends to keep me out of downtown and apparently out of the consideration of all that there is to offer when it comes to a night out.

Here's a little list of my soon to enjoy discoveries:

Beaujolais Bistro

Daughters Cafe

A & M Rosami Bar & Ristorante

Cafe Musee ~ Cafe located at the Nevada Museum of Art...which I will be visiting this weekend.  It's completely up my alley...art & a cafe!  I'm gonna be one happy woman.

Bistro 7

The Cheese Board ~ Don't know how I've missed out on this gem.

Blue Moon Gourmet Pizza

Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery

Josef's Vienna Bakery Cafe and Restaurant

Pnuematic Diner ~ The names on their menu alone are pulling me in.

Green Papaya (Thai cuisine)

Rapscallion Seafood House & Bar

And simply because I've heard good reviews (and Guy Fierri popped in to do Diners, drive-Ins & Dives) Gold 'N Silver Inn

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