Saturday, May 19, 2012

A day filled with love...

A day filled to the brim...that's what we've had.

Love #1 - First I spent my morning hanging out with my girls and watching their new Bratz Kids FairyTale movie...which I have to say was pretty cute.  Even found myself bopping along with the music while Grace & Rose performed for me.

Love #2 - The afternoon was was pretty full with a trip on over to our church, Victory City Church, to help make lunches to help feed 1,200 people!  (actually our final lunch number was 1,242)  I love being involved with a church that has such a heart for serving others and reaching out to make a difference.

Love #3 - Shared a little love with our buddy Max and a slew of 1st graders at EZ Air (Indoor Trampoline Park).  Kids have the best birthday parties these days...we never had anything like this place when I was little. We watched all of the kiddles bounce, flip, bump, plunge to their hearts' content.  And I am pleased to announce that all of the bouncing took it's toll on my kiddles and mellowed them out for the rest of the night. (in fact Rose fell asleep before Captain America even transformed)

Love #4 - Got to spend a little Mom, Dad & Grace time watching Captain America & Cars 2.  It's not often that we get to sit down with her alone and have a movie night.  She even was incharge of making the popcorn...her choice: White Cheddar. (that's my cheesy little girl)

Love #5 - Getting to bed before midnight!!!  That almost never happens.

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