Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Wednesday - Really!

It may be overcast and very grey outside this morning.  However, this morning has been one very nice one I must say.

My son woke me up bright and early at 6AM, had a bottle and went right back to sleep. I love it when this happens!
My girls got up and ready for school without any fighting!!!  That is a miracle in and of itself...the fighting part.
My husband was sent off to work with a kiss and a smile.  (Nothing new there.)
With everyone off to do their daily "doings", I made a pot of Vanilla Biscotti coffee and settled down at my laptop to join a Twitter Party. (I love Twitter just have to keep up.)
This one was hosted by The SITS Girls about the HP Stream 7 Signature Tablet...and it is only $99 while supplies last! Click HERE for info.
Anyway, I'm chatting away and enjoying the peace and quiet, not even paying attention to who's being drawn for prizes.  All of a sudden I have a TON of congrats flooding my way.
I won a $25 Gift Card!!!  YES!  This morning is just getting better and better!  Another bit to go towards Christmas and my daughter's birthday.
So now I'm off to do some studying on the uses of Essential Oils, business planning and spending some time networking.  You should check out my other blog! The Chatty Mom - World Of Essential Oils  If you've never experienced them, they are amazing!! (Message me and I'll get a sample out to you!)  And then do a little drafting. (I draft house plans too.  Yeah, I'm multi-talented.)
The rest of my day?  I just have to get my little guy changed, fed again, my hair and makeup done and then gather myself for some more chat time with my Coffee Mommas this afternoon.  The Coffee Mommas are an amazing group of ladies that I met through my girls' school.  We're all a bit quirky and different from one another, but absolutely love spending time together.  (Just missing the one who started it you & miss you Colleen!  AZ better keep treating you right!)
After all that, get my family ready for a night of fellowship at our small group.  This is a huge task since my girls tend to not want to get their homework done on Thursday nights.  They just want to visit and socialize.
Overall, this is a good day.  I love good days.

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