Sunday, November 23, 2014

'Tis The Season For Pies, Pies, Pies!

Pockets Of Love Cherry Pies - TheChattyMom

This week we walk smack-dab into the season of pies.  This is when there are pies aplenty adorning everyone's tables and hanging out in just about every fridge on the block. 

Now, I am not a master pie maker, there is still much for me to learn in the area of making pie crust. That being said, it doesn't keep me from trying my hand at a pie now and then.  That's how you get better at doing something, right?  You try over and over until you feel that you've got it mastered...or at least down to a reasonable outcome.
Well, in the interest of others who like to bake pies now and then, I have pulled together some wonderful pies from others who have more experience at baking them than I.

"Sweet Tarts" (Multi-Berry Tarts) by Bakerella
Because sometimes you just need individual sized pies/tarts.

Photo: Ree Drummond,
"Pam's Pie Tutorial" by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman
Absolutely one of my FAVORITE bloggers!  And this post is perfect for those of us still trying to master pie-making.

Photo: Ree Drummond,
Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman
Because I love pumpkin, caramel and cheesecake.

Photo: Amy Johnson,
Chocolate Bourbon Pie by She Wears Many Hats
Because bourbon and chocolate are a beautiful thing when hand-in-hand.

Photo: Melissa,
Easy Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie by Gluten Free If You Please
Because if you're going to go GF it might as well be yummy. ~ Made with oats, Greek yogurt and pumpkin yumminess.

Apple Crumb Pie by A Little Rosemary and Time
Because every table needs to have a good apple pie on it.

Photo: Abby Jo,
My Granny's Cocoa Cream Pie by Forgotten Way Farms
Because I LOVE chocolate!

Cheesecake Pumpkin Pecan Pie by Parsley, Sage & Sweet
Because this is the best of all three pies I love during the Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years!!!

Photo: Hector Sanchez,
Because different is good and sweet & savory is a wonderful combination. (view all 26 Thanksgiving pies from

Photo: Shaina Olmanson,
Pumpkin Pie Coffee Cake with Crumbled Pecan Topping by Food For My Family
Because some days you need to start the morning off eating pie!

Photo: Joy Wilson,
Dad's Sweet Potato Pie by Joy The Baker
Because if you've never had sweet potato pie, you've got to at least try it once.

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