Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Goodie Ideas ~ We All Need Them

Before I know it, Thanksgiving is going to be crashing through my door wanting to know where to land.  This is my way of being prepared and having plenty to occupy my kiddles as the holiday approaches.

In my search for all things Thanksgiving, I have come across some great blog sites.  Because I'm so nice, and I know that there are other mommies out there looking for activities and recipes too, I'm going to share them with you.  

Do any of these spark your creativity?  Help save you brain power? Say to you "You Need Me"? 

Share your favorites!


My girls are always looking to do some sort of crafty thing or another.  Especially my little Rose, our resident artist. Here are some fun crafts I've come across to keep little ones busy being creative.


Edible Crafts

Here are some yummy treats that are also a bit crafty.  I can't wait to make the Turkey Handprint Cookies (below) with my girls...and the Acorn Donut Holes for me! (they have Nutella!!!)
This cornucopia is sure to check out the variations that were created and have some fun with it.


Maybe you're not looking to make the entire meal via slow cooker, but one or two of these could definitely help free up some room on your stove or oven.
NoshOn.It has put together a compilation of some of the most beautiful dishes for Thanksgiving...I'm going to be spreading that gorgeous food love throughout the year.
My husband & I are addicted to anything asparagus and we both adore prosciutto.  You can count on these asparagus spears to be gracing our buffet this year...and other miscellaneous dinners.  Eating greens has never been so good!

On the sweeter side, here are a few new recipes that I am anxious to make this year.  Something a little different than your average traditional pumpkin pie.  Don't get me wrong, I love pumpkin pie, but I'm thinking that this year we need to change things up a bit.
There are a couple no-bake desserts I found on (above) that are going to be indulged in this Thanksgiving for sure.

And for the leftovers...

Oh yeah, this year I am definitely going to make this strudel.  With puff pastry it can't go wrong! 

Also, check out my previous post of may family's favorite Thanksgiving goodies: What's On Your Thanksgiving Table This Year?

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