Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Has Finally Sprung

This year has been filled with changes...and I've learned that unlike Southern California, you can't expect Spring to come in a timely manner in the Reno/Tahoe area. There have been a barrage of weather systems hitting the area...even up to this past weekend...dumping rain and snow in the mountains and valley floor.
How can anyone plan for planting any gardens or picnics for that matter? I've been dying to plant my little herb garden again, but I know that if I don't wait until May then the chances of freezing nights destroying my herbs runs very high. And this is extremely frusterating for a So. Cali girl who's been transplanted in Reno. Very frusterating indeed.

Now to me, Spring means flowers, gardens, butterflies, sunny afternoon picnics, that "fresh" smell that only Spring can bring...Being born on May 1st gives me an extra love for Spring I think. Perhaps by my birthday this little miniture rose bush will be in full bloom...

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