Friday, December 21, 2012

Birthday Cookies & Candy Cane Reindeer

Yesterday I spent a hurried afternoon baking cookies for Grace's 1st grade class.  It's her birthday on the 24th...yes, on Christmas Eve!  She's one of the lucky ones that has to battle for attention during the month of December.  Actually she doesn't really have to battle...she starts announcing that her birthday is coming about 3 months ahead of time.

Anyway, rather than load the kiddles up on tons of sugar by bringing in cupcakes, we decided (yes, we) that baking some cookies would be perfect!  AND making some reindeer candy canes in celebration of her birthday being at Christmas time.  And you should have seen the wave that came at me when I walked through the door with these prized goodies!

I have to get used to my little girl growing up and being independent, and that's not an easy task for me. Throughout the reindeer process I had to keep letting go of the glue and letting her manage google eyes and pipe cleaners.

And she did rather well, I must say.

Well, another year has come and I am flipping through photo albums, both printed and filed in my computer, and doing so with a tissue in hand.  I miss that precious little baby face...and yet, I can still see it when I take the time to just gaze at my darling little girl.

I love my precious girl.

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