Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Call Of Art

It has been so long since I was in an art museum or gallery, and I LOVE art museums & galleries.  They have always been my escape to another world, my Wonderland if you will.  There I escape to a world of creativity and (usually) beauty and splendor.

While flitting from webpage to webpage and Facebook updates I discovered something that truly stirred me.  How could I have missed all of this work before?  And I do say work because it truly is.  There's a process that goes into it: inspiration, heart & soul, reflection, literal work and a bit of the creative genius that it takes to produce something that can stir your soul.

David Kracov is a new name to me, but not to the world of art.  His work is beautiful, whimsical, tongue in cheek...I love it!  It causes me to look back and ache to pick up my pencils, charcoal and paints again.  The artist in me is screaming to come out and be alive once again.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Mr. Kracov's Facebook Page for you viewing pleasure:

Book Of Life
Commissioned for Chabad's Children of Chernobyl event of 2009, honoring the memory of the children who died in the Holocaust. 

Blooming Romance

Heart And Soles

Lick Me
Tick Talk

Melts In Your Mouth

Music In My Heart
"Music In My Heart" is my personal favorite out of the heart collection...probably because there is constant music in my heart.

Open Happiness
Open Happiness (side view)

And then there are the wonderful shadow boxes of some of my favorite childhood Saturday morning characters...
How can you not love these?!
Unfinished Symphony

Unfinished Symphony (close-up)
I absolutely love this!  It would definitely be in my collection, if I had a collection of his work.  My love of music, art and Looney Tunes all-in-one!
Acme Rocket
 My little kiddles absolutely love the shenanigans of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.  This would be the piece that they'd be begging me to buy.

Falling In Love
I can't help it, there is just something about Pepe le Pew that I just have a soft spot must be that everlasting romantic addiction of his. 

Shut The Duck Up!!!

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