Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Favorite Shopping App ~ Shopkick

I love to window shop...and dream shop...and regular shop.  And I really love finding deals!  Lately I have been absolutely addicted to finding deals and consuming gift cards.

I found an app that lets me do BOTH!  It's that little symbol right above here that is now my favorite...and it's called SHOPKICK...and it's quite frankly awesome. If you have an  iPhone or Android then this app's for you!

If you don't SHOPKICK you should.  This app delivers a bit of fun while bringing you special deals at some of your favorite retailers. You can collect "kicks" a few different ways.

1. By FLIPPING through each store's "look book" (pictured items and savings deals/coupons

2. By SCANNING featured items at participating stores. My husband & I love's like a scavenger hunt.

3. By simply WALKING INTO a store! Even if I'm window shopping I get kicks!

4. If you choose, even by REGISTERING your cards and receiving kicks for shopping!

And the rewards aren't bad either!  Instant gift cards, or emailed gift cards, emailed certificates or credits for the store in SHOPKICK's "My Stuff" folder.

"Which stores can I get rewards for?"

Great question!

How about:
Target, Starbucks, Nike, Old Navy, iTunes, CVS, Movie Tickets, COACH, Tiffany & Co., Macy's, Best Buy, American Eagle Outfitters, Gas Cards...and more!

OR you could donate your kicks to a special cause. How nice of you!

There are also promotions for inviting your friends to spread the SHOPKICK love!



To date I have claimed $20 in Starbucks e-Certificates and a $25 e-Certificate...and have kicks ready to be redeemed for another $25 reward of my choosing!

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