Friday, December 7, 2012

Crafty Christmas

Photo By Craftberry Bush
As a child I looked forward to Christmas time SO much.  The excitement was not just because of Santa & meant a barrage of crafts at home and school. Crafts...they can just suck me in and provide entertainment for hours.  There's just something about feeding the imagination and artistic drive that lies in a child.  And then it's magnified if that child is like I was and wants everything to be "perfect". 

My little Rose LOVES doing crafts, or anything artistic for that matter.  She's the one that will introduce herself as "the artist" when people ask her what she likes to do. I just laugh and inside I'm clapping, jumping up & down and dancing about with glee. (yes, I dance with glee)

So, I decided to go on a hunt this morning for some of the best crafts for kids this Christmas season.  Look at all the great ones I've found!  My girls are going to be going nuts trying to decide which they want to tackle first.

Button Ornaments ~ Martha Stewart
How cute are these little ornaments?!  While this is not for the younger kiddles, it is definitely something that older ones (especially puzzle solvers) would enjoy creating.

These are perfect for kids age 6 and up...that is if you can keep them from turning the whole project into swordplay.

Bead Candy Canes - All Kid Network
So simple and fun. (and cheap too!) 
Christmas Card Ornaments ~ Martha Stewart
This is a personal favorite!  I love decorating with Christmas cards...every year there are new art inspirations to utilize instead of just sending those beautiful cards into the trash.

What a great way to encourage little ones to help setting the table!  They will be so proud of their crafty contribution.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree ~ All Kids Network
So simple and kid friendly.

I love these!  A way to enjoy little hands. (I suggest making a new reindeer for each year your child grows) 

Gingerbread Man Ornaments ~ Craftberry Bush
These little goodies look good enough to eat...just don't try!

I have a feeling that we'll be making a lot of these. My girls won't want to stop with just one.

Candy Cane Prints ~ Leapfrog & Ladybugs
So cute...who can resist little fingerprints. Great when combined with paint, bad when all over your windows.

Felt Handprint Mittens - Happy Hooligans
These are just adorable.
  Reindeer Stick - Craft Ideas
Friendly little reindeer friend...great as a bookmark.  My girls prefer googley eyes though.

Gingerbread decorations are my favorites.  These little men can hang around my table any time.

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