Monday, December 31, 2012

Money Saving Gorgeous Shoes! dbShoes!

I love shoes...and am waiting for my finances to catch up with my desire for more.  Last night I finally gave in to a store that has been calling me for the past 3 years.

It's located right next to ROSS clothing store, which I usually love to visit. 

Every time I've gone to browse through the aisles at ROSS I see this store and it beckons to me. 

I resist.

Not because I don't want to see what goodies are within...but because I might find something that it would kill me to leave behind.

Tonight, I gave in.

I was in search of a new pair of boots...and I had been let down at 4 previous stores.

Let's just say that I found what I was looking for...and more!

For instance, these weren't my size, but LOOK!  Aren't they gorgeous?!  I call them Chandelier Heals. Only $22.50! Can you believe it?! 

They look like something straight out of Old Hollywood. (I love Old Hollywood)

So, if you have a db shoes near you and you haven't ventured in...VENTURE!

Or you could do your browsing in their online store.

The shoes are gorgeous designer shoes and the prices are amazing!

Back to what came in for.  They are having a HUGE Boot Sale!!

I wanted these so badly.

The problem is that I suffer from large calves...even at my thinnest in college.

Ah well...I spotted "Italy" and got over it. (sort of)
My boots were $79.99...on clearance for $19.99!

I can't wait to wear them tomorrow!

And look...wool lined!  How happy will my feet be?  Very happy indeed.

And I also got a pair of boots for each of my girls...$39.99 reg.,  $20.00 Sale Price!

From Lucky Top.  Aren't they adorable?!

So, my damage for all three?  $59.99 + $4.63 tax = $64.62

Not bad, right?  Less than full price for my boots. 

I'm a happy shopper.  How about you?

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