Sunday, February 3, 2013

Discovering Cajun Food ~ An (almost) Kiddle-Free Night Out

This past Thursday Charming & I attempted to have a long deserved night out.  I do stress attempted.

Things were all set for an evening of casual dinner conversation without telling our girls to not over-stuff their mouths, eat their veggies and not spill their drinks. 

A night of relaxing with one of our favorite old movies. The Private Eyes ~ Tim Conway & Don Knotts

A night of uninterrupted sleep. YES!

Our girls had both been dropped of at their grandparents for a sleepover fully equipped with books, stuffed animals, DVDs and plenty of overindulgence (compliments of grandma & grandpa).  Fuzzy socks and cozy jammies were included to insure that no one was too chilled and would sleep soundly through the night.

Although dead tired, I took the time to fix me hair, get a little gussied-up and grab my dinner certificate for our night out.  This opportunity doesn't happen often.  We had been wanting to try a Cajun restaurant, Jazz - A Louisiana Kitchen, for over a year and tonight was going to be the night!

As we pull up into the parking lot Charming's phone rings...Grandma on the line.  Which is always a bad sign once the kiddles have been dropped off.

"Are you serious?"

Not a good start.

"We'll come by and pick her up right after we eat."

An even worse reply.  One of our little kiddles had Grandma put in a call to pull-out of the sleepover. 
There went our night.  Now we had to make sure that we finished dinner before everyone was set to go to bed...and we wanted to draw it out.

Good News: Jazz was wonderful!  The food was exactly the change from the norm that we had been hoping for.  I knew that I was going to love it...I love Cajun cooking.  Charming was another story all together...he's not so fond of experimenting with his taste buds.  BUT he loved it too.

Starters ~  Beer Battered Fried Pickles & Beer Battered Onion Rings ~ We discovered that we both love fried pickles.

Main Dish ~ Beer Battered Shrimp w/Hush Puppies & Cajun Coleslaw (Charming); Muffaletta Sandwich w/Hush Puppies & Cajun Coleslaw (yours truly) ~ The best coleslaw that I have ever had...and I am not a coleslaw fan, but I could be eat this with every lunch.

Dessert ~ Beignets! with a Chantilly Cream

Oh my gosh!!! I am hooked on beignets!  This week there will be a search and some experimenting to come up with my own version of those tasty treats. 
See that alligator? See how happy and content he is?  That was me.

So after soaking up the atmosphere of beads, alligators, neon & mardi gras fare (we won't talk about the bad one-man-band that was performing), we headed out to venture over to pick up our Rose.  Her earache was demanding Mommy & Daddy's attention.
Once rescued, given Tylenol for the pain (it was caused by a molar coming in) and settled on the couch, Rose was ready to spend the rest of the night playing video games with Daddy.  Little stinker.  She wasn't feeling good, but she really just wanted to have a night alone with Mommy & Daddy.
I guess you can't get too upset at your plans going down the drain when your child just wants time alone with you.  Warms my heart to no end.
This week we're going to attempt another shot at sending both girls off to their grandparents...wish us luck!

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