Monday, February 18, 2013

Walking The Runway

Have you ever thought about putting your little darling in modeling or acting? Are they drawn to the stage like a moth to a flame?

Mine both are...but especially my little Grace. And this weekend while we were out at the mall she was scouted by a representative for Barbizon.  I was surprised and also a bit skeptical, but I figured that if she wanted to go and have a little fun then why not?!

My mother did modeling and studied at the Pasadena Playhouse, which I had always fantasized about as a child. Honestly, it's still pretty cool to me. I have her portfolio which I love to go through and as a child I used to try to pretend I was she and living a glamorous modeling life.  (I now know that it wasn't so glamorous)

Until now I have not pursued anything in the realm of modeling or acting for my daughter.  This was something that I wanted to make sure was her desire and her decision to pursue. The idea of being one of those parents that pushes their child into a field that becomes far more of a job than something enjoyable just is not palatable at all.  Aside from school, I can not imagine forcing my child to do something that is neither necessary for her health, spiritual growth or mental health.

My daughter needs to be her age, look her age, dress her age and enjoy being a child. If part of her enjoyment is participating in acting or modeling then I'm all for it. (with some Mommy & Daddy guidelines of course)

So, when all of the practicing and runway walking was done we were presented with the option to register her for some the tune of over $4,000!  *gasp!*choke!*  If we were in a position that money was no object, then that would probably not have fazed us.  That, however, is not the case and we will be looking for local acting and vocal studios to work with instead.

Thinking back, that amount was my tuition for my senior year of high school...and I remember how hard it was to make those monthly payments. At least I got  9 months of study for that amount.
I was a little far away, but although grainy this was one of my favorite moments of the day.  It was so heartwarming to see how she cheered the other girls on and even made a couple new friends. They were adorable striking poses and showing each other how to toss their hair. I soaked it all up, loving every minute of watching my daughter high and proud and so encouraging to all the other girls there.
Onward we go, looking toward the future and all the drama that is coming along with it. *haha*  My girl is going to be encouraged to follow her dreams, and to keep God in the center of her life.  That second part is the one that her Daddy & I have stressed for years as being most important. We trust that as long as she does that she will have a far easier time navigating through life.

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