Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chilly Morning Starts

Aren't my little snow bunnies cute?  All bundled up in an attempt to not turn into popsicles.

Lately we have been experiencing some extremely cold days here in Reno. Cold enough that Governor Sandoval declared a State Of Emergency this week. It gets pretty chilly here in the High Sierras, but apparently we are all consuming too much propane to ward off our chills.

This morning it was 17° when we hit the schoolyard! This So. Cali native does not deal with that very well.  I look like put on about 40lbs. just because of how I bundle myself up in an attempt to just be luke warm.

I've stood in line with my girls and watched other kiddles crying because they were all so cold. That is not the way you want to see them start their day. In fact it really makes me irrate that they are forced to stay outside until the bell rings and teachers make thier way out to greet them. Rainy days allow students the opportunity to wait inside the building, but mornings of 20° or below don't?!  What are they thinking?

When myself and other parents who wait with their children in the morning have to use our hands as ear muffs for little glowing red ear (and noses) something is wrong. And then they wonder why the kids all have sinus infections, sore throats, bronchitis and pneumonia? Hmmm, could it be because no matter how freezing cold it is the kids are forced back out into the cold?

I'm getting myself all worked up. In fact, I'm getting myself into a combative mode! I'm ready to take on the school district and demand a little common sense, no...a little compassion, to be put into action on behalf of these kids.

Alright, I've got my assignment for the day. (That is aside from washing, cleaning, cooking, blogging, drafting.)  I'm a Mom On A Mission!  My missions may not always succeed, but at least it stirs things up a bit.

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